Wunder Under Pant

why we made this

We created these pants to be a no-fuss tight for our yoga practice, but we just couldn't stop wearing them. Made of our signature four-way stretch Luon™ fabric with a second-skin fit, they give us room to move and sweat from backbends to box jumps.

fabric + features

  • cottony-soft Luon fabric is engineered for serious stretch and recovery
  • Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable
  • second-skin fit is great for checking your alignment in the mirror
  • the wide, smooth waistband is designed to eliminate muffin top
  • stow your yoga pass or gym card in our signature waistband pocket
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 301/2"
  • leg opening: 11"
  • hemmable: yes
$119.00 AUD

Wunder Under Pant 3.7 5 679 679
Reversible Inkwell/Black WU - Failed to impress... Newish to LLL, these were my 1st WUs. (i do own the skinny will high waist pants & LOVE those, but i'm specifically speaking of the WU style) They were a disappointment! (hence the 3 stars) For the cash, I expected a lot more like; good compression, NOT sheer and a bit thicker fabric. I can't compare these to the older WUs, but i doubt ill buy WUs online again. In fact, i may even return these and go buy the GapFit leggings. I've compared Gap's athletic gear to the WUs and i was thoroughly impressed with their fabric (its way less persnickety! ie snags, pilling, laundering care, attracting dirt & hair, etc.) and they are near 1/2 the price of LLL WUs. The GapFit pants compressed like i thought these would. On a positive note, the inkwell reversible option is brilliant - and for that reason, i might hang on to them. These pants were a bit sheer in my deepest poses, and for the price, i should never worry about a whale tale, or the possibility of others seeing my lady business! OH, i just don't know LLL....you may have me only with your tops. I still love ya, but was not impressed with these. LLL, why don't you offer free shipping on returns? This "sheer" issue could be from poor sizing selection, and what a shame to get so many poor reviews based on what COULD be a size problem. Offer free shipping on returns and watch the ratings change. Just sayin - 25 February 2013
Really like but not love I really like these. They are so flattering and don't stretch out for me. I have had no issues with the seams and no pilling. I do not love them for this reason: I had to size up from a 4 to a 6 due to sheerness. This is only an issue because the bigger size does roll a little bit during more intense yoga classes. Overall I am still really happy with my purchase though. 25 February 2013
absolutely in LOVE. i own 5 or so pairs of WUs, and I can't complain. they hold up well, quality is amazing, fit is great. i don't understand the issue everyone is having with the gusset. those people calling it ugly? it's a gusset. not exactly the focal point of the pant... the triangle is functional and works well. if you purchase the correct size, you'll avoid CT. 25 February 2013
WHAT HAPPENED TO WUNDER UNDERS?? I am devastated by the decline in quality of the wunder under recently. I am a CrossFit trainer & I have been wearing this style of lulu pant and crop for 3 years! The quality of the fabric is horrible compared to what it used to be. These are TOTALLY see through. I have been wearing the same size since I started with the brand, so it is not a sizing issue. Imagine my embarrassment while coaching a class and having a friend come up to me to tell me my $85 pants are transparent. I used to recommend lulu to all my clients, family and friends but I can no longer do that because I don't believe in the quality anymore. Very sad day. Pass on these pants and let me know if you find another brand that has the old lulu quality. 25 February 2013
So disappointed and irritated! I bought these pants thinking they would be the Lulu quality, but yet, skinny, as I have the astro and groove pants... These are the worst! First off, no matter what size you buy they make you muffin top - the girl at the store suggested I go up a size rather than my normal to prevent this, I did this, still muffin top and they fall down when I try to run or do pilates, showing the top of my bum. The worst part is, when I bend over you can see thru them - I took them into Lulu and told them the problems and they refused to do anything - I bought them less than 6 weeks ago...Such a disappointment, and now I'm hesitant to shop at such a poor customer service store/brand again. 24 February 2013
DO NOT PURCHASE Let me preface this review with the fact that I have several WUs from the past that I absolutely LOVE. But after constant wear, they are starting to pill and just look a bit worn. After reading the recent reviews online, I decided to make the trip to my local store to try some WUs on instead of purchasing a new pair online. I tried on several pairs in my usual size 8 and noticed that they were a bit see through. Nothing too bad. Mostly just the tag, but I'd definitely have to wear specific seamless underwear (which I don't mind) with them. I sized up to a 10 and it didn't resolve the issue. They were still see through, but now they were so loose on my waist that they were useless. The fabric is also noticeably thinner and I suspect will completely fall apart before my other WUs. It's not as flattering or comfortable, either. I ended up purchasing them anyway since I'm in desperate need of a new pair and wanted to take them home to compare and see how I felt about them. I put them on and went into our living room which has a lot of natural light. I bent over in the mirror and, to my horror, could see EVERY inch of my skin. This is unacceptable given the steep pricetag. Unfortunately for me, when I went to pull them off I stepped on the tag and it tore off. Now I won't even be able to exchange them and I can't imagine ever wearing them. So disappointed. 24 February 2013
Disappointed & Confused I am so disappointed with this pant! First of all, I own 3 pairs all in the same size which I bough a little over a month ago. I bought them despite the negative reviews because I really liked the fit and comfort of them when I tried them on in the store. For the most part, 2 of my pairs have held up pretty well with regular washing. The third pair did not!! They appeared to have shrunk (which makes no sense because I wash them in cold water along with other lulu gear) and the inside seams are definitely coming apart. I would expect this from cheaper leggings, but not ones that are this expensive! I still enjoy my other 2 pairs and wear them several times a week but judging from all the other negative reviews the quality is just not what it used to be. Buy at your own risk!!! 24 February 2013
amazing pants! The bright pink pants sold out so quickly I was afraid I would never get my pink fix! But then these came in to the online store and I love them! They are perfect for spring and summer 24 February 2013
complete disappointment I have had the wunderunder pants for about 6 weeks. I have been a student forever, and wasn't able to justify the cost of lulu pants. I just starting working (!!) and got them as a treat. I am completely disappointed. I wash in cold water, hang to dry. They have faded, the fabric is piling. They have totally lost their shape. I had have similar style pants, that I paid $10 for from Gap and Joe Fresh, and they have held up with more regular washing and drying. I have similar style Nike running pants that I run in almost every day for a year and they are in much better condition (and I through them in the dryer). I am completely disappointed. 24 February 2013
what is happening? Sooo i was going to purchase a pair ofwunder unders online, but after reading these reviews i was really unsure. So i went to the store and tried some on and they were true. These are horrible now! i have a pair of wunderunder crops and a couple groove pants and these are awesome.. but now... the new ones are terrible. I guess i will have to look elsewhere. does anyone have any recommendations? good yoga gear? i think im going to try tna or calvin klein has some good gear and a fraction of the cost. LULUlemon is no longer worth even half of what they sell it for. How can i wear pants that are see through? They dont even fit the same. 24 February 2013