Our Sustainability

We create components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives.To do this, we need a healthy planet and thriving company. Learn how we’re taking steps to reduce our footprint across our business, while creating a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Our Vision

We embrace social, environmental, and economic health in every part of our organization and our global communities. We’re working to be part of an elevated world that operates within nature’s boundaries and provides for human needs—creating opportunities for people to lead happy and fulfilling lives. No biggie, right?

We are a company that is committed to developing leaders and supporting all of our partners. We want to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring and engaging leaders to imagine and achieve the possible and impossible.


Our stand on sustainability:

- We are a model for community-led sustainability including our extended lululemon family of ambassadors, vendors, and guests.

- We educate, inspire, and challenge our communities to become leaders in sustainability.

- We expand our collaborations and partnerships to include brands, suppliers, and NGOs that share our sustainability vision.

- We communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and integrity.


Our Practice

Across all areas of our business, we’re working to elevate the world by making our vision a reality. We focus on responsible supply chain and our company’s environmental footprint.


For our global Sustainability and Social Impact page click here.