Getting To Know Ambassador Daria Saville

Olympian, Australian Tennis Player, mother to sausage dog Tofu, TikTok master and lululemon Ambassador – this summer of tennis, we caught up with Daria Saville.


We sat down with ambassador Daria Saville to get an update on her rehab journey and what she’s looking forward to in 2023.  

lululemon: In your own words, who is Daria Saville? 
Daria: I am a happy person and a very curious person who happened to hit a yellow tennis ball very well so it became my career. I was born in Russia and moved to Australia when I was 18 years old which was the best decision I have ever made! I followed my heart, in more ways than one. My now-husband, Luke Saville, is an Australian tennis player and I knew that moving down under meant the opportunity to strengthen both my tennis and my relationship. Aged 6 1/2 , I started playing tennis and from then on, I always dreamed of becoming a professional player and winning grand slams. I still dream of winning a Grand Slam.. and hopefully one day I will. 

Oh and you need to know this about me - I am a crazy dog mom to my sausage dog Tofu! 


lululemon: What are your core values? 
Daria: Have fun and enjoy life. To me, this means having fun whilst being my best self in whatever I do. 

Connection. Connection is so important to me to make sure that I try and make a connection with a person because you never know when that person needs someone to hear them and they can be there for you too. 

Honesty. Being honest with myself is very important to me as I feel like there are no regrets in life when you’re honest with yourself. I am known to be honest with other people too sometimes, and I maybe get myself in trouble for that! 

lululemon: How will you be taking part in the Australian Open this year? 
Daria: I am mentoring one of the Australian Open players Jaimee Fourlis and of course supporting my husband and other Aussies and my friends. I am also doing a lot of media to convince everyone that tennis is cool!

lululemon: What are three things you’ve learnt about yourself during your rehab journey? 
Daria: This is my third time rehabbing and I have learned something new about myself each time. Allowing myself to be vulnerable is important, having something to do (this time I actually have an office job) and I need to give credit to myself for how much patience I have! 


lululemon: How do you stay motivated when you’re experiencing a setback? 
Daria: Taking it day by day, celebrating the small wins and having small goals is the key to staying motivated. 

lululemon: What is your favourite product in the new lululemon tennis capsule? 
Daria: I’m loving the Super-High-Rise Side-Slit Tennis Skirt 

lululemon: How do you look after your mental health and wellbeing?  

Daria: I stay connected with friends and family and I am never afraid to tell them if I am feeling down and in need of a bit of support.  

lululemon: What is a goal you’re working towards in 2023?  

Daria: Getting back on the tennis court ASAP and inspiring kids to hopefully pick up a tennis racket and give our sport a crack on social media!


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