Introducing Daria Saville

Olympian, Australian Tennis Player, mother to sausage dog Tofu, tik tok master and lululemon Ambassador - meet Daria Saville


Q. In your own words, who is Daria Saville?

I am a happy person and a very curious person who happened to hit a yellow tennis ball very well so it became my career. I was born in Russia and moved to Australia when I was 18 years old which was the best decision I have ever made! I followed my heart, in more ways than one. My now-husband, Luke Saville, is an Australian tennis player and I knew that moving down under meant the opportunity to strengthen both my tennis and my relationship. Aged 6 1/2 , I started playing tennis and from then on, I always dreamed of becoming a professional player and winning grand slams. I still dream of winning a Grand Slam.. and hopefully one day I will.

Oh and you need to know this about me - I am a crazy dog mom to my sausage dog Tofu!

Q. Describe a moment in your life when you felt the proudest? 

Marching at the Rio Olympics, representing Australia. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I definitely didn’t think I was going to get all these feels. I was full of joy and was so proud to be amongst many incredible athletes. I’ve always loved being a part of a team and what made it even more special was being a part of Team Australia. Tennis is a very individual sport so for me, it was an amazing feeling being part of a team, representing my country.


Q. What does it mean to you to represent Australia?

Being part of team Australia gives me so much pride. I’m always a lot more nervous before my matches because I don’t just play for myself; I play for the people, for my teammates, for my country. To calm my nerves I always tell myself that all I have to do is just try my best and leave it all out there on the tennis court, because no matter the result, giving my best is the most Australian thing I can do.

Q. What are your core values?

Have fun and enjoy life. To me, this means having fun whilst being my best self in whatever I do.

Connection. Connection is so important to me to make sure that I try and make a connection with a person because you never know when that person needs someone to hear them and they can be there for you too.

Honesty. Being honest with myself is very important to me as I feel like there are no regrets in life when you’re honest with yourself. I am known to be honest with other people too sometimes, and I maybe get myself in trouble for that!


Q. What is your favourite quote that you live by?

In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity.
- Albert Einstein

This was shared with me by my coach and I try to remind myself of this quote when I feel like something could be too hard, too much, or inconvenient. The quote reminds me to be brave and go for it. Throughout my career, I’ve faced many hurdles. In 2013, I tore my ACL, in fact, the first thing I did after moving to Australia was get a knee reconstruction. I was off the court for nine months, but within a year and a half, I was back and beating top 10 players. In the last two years, I’ve only played four tournaments after being sidelined again with an Achilles issue (which I’ve been managing since 2016), and it’s been challenging and difficult but i’ve taken it as an opportunity to get my body right and ready, and I’ve just played my first competitive match since February 2021, which makes me so happy!

Q. What does your pre-game workout look like?

The day before a tournament I like to do a short power circuit. So a circuit with 10 seconds of power exercises such as med ball, wattbike or kettlebell swings with longer rest. This keeps me fresh, alert and ready for matches.


Q. What is a goal you’re working towards at the moment?

I am working on getting my body right before the big Aussie summer of tennis. I am eager to get back inside the top 100 women’s tennis rankings.

Q. What is your favourite lululemon product to train in?

I love the Fast & Free High Rise Leggings. They’re my favourite product not only to train in but also to travel in. They’re super comfy on long flights. In Winter, I like to wear the Fast & Free tights for my on court sessions. A huge plus is that I can fit a tennis ball in the pockets! Not to mention wearing them for my bike and gym session - they always feel super supportive!


Q: Out of interest do the grunts when you hit the ball improve overall performance?

It just comes out naturally a bit like powerlifting plus maybe nerves sometimes or just being in the zone.

Q: What lululemon hacks can you share with our readers?

I learned on tiktok that scuba hoodies have an emergency hair tie on the zipper!!!


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