Introducing Montana Farrah-Seaton

Ultrarunner, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Model and lululemon’s newest Ambassador.


Montana lives her life with the attitude that limits are meant to be challenged and broken. It’s this attitude that has led her to play on the Australian Junior National Basketball team, walk the runway, become a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and now - become an ultrarunner.

Earlier this year, Montana was announced as one of 10 trailblazing women who will be taking part in FURTHER – a six-day ultramarathon that aims to break individual records, world records and create new possibilities for women in sport. From groundbreaking scientific research to new women-first product innovations, FURTHER addresses the existing gender data gap on endurance performance while championing 10 diverse athletes to push their limits.


Last month, Montana successfully completed her first 100km as part of her training program for FURTHER – putting the early findings of the feat’s research to the test. We spoke with Montana about her preparation for FURTHER, the key role running plays in her wellbeing and what motivates her to push further.

lululemon: How did you first get involved in running?

Montana: Growing up playing basketball, running was always something I had to do, but it wasn’t until 2019 that it became something I focused on. I immediately fell in love with both the freedom and connection of running. For me, running provides balance across all aspects of my wellbeing – mentally, physically and socially. It’s a chance to connect and challenge myself, but also an opportunity to explore new ideas. I think what I missed most when retiring from basketball was that team comradery and connection – and being able to find that again through running has been really special.


lululemon: Last month you ran your first 100km, where do you find motivation when times get tough?

Montana: I find motivation by remembering that I am fortunate enough to do this. I also remind myself that motivation isn’t always there to stay and sometimes discipline needs to take over and be the driving factor. My mindset is one of my biggest assets and I’m constantly in pursuit of my next challenge. I love seeing how far I can push myself and hope to inspire others to do the same. Whether that’s related to sport or another goal entirely – if I can inspire someone else to try something new or challenge themselves – that’s something I’m really proud of.

lululemon: What are you most looking forward to with FURTHER?

Montana: The enormity of the feat is not lost on me. I'm excited to experience something so unique and challenging, surrounded by my closest friends and family. I’ve also found the research and product component of FURTHER fascinating and am looking forward to seeing how this translates during the event. I’ve learnt so much about how my body moves, compared to how I thought it functioned – but also what my mind and body are capable of. I’m excited to use this platform to bring more visibility to the sex and gender data gap in sports science and the need for additional research on female athletes.


lululemon: Why is the FURTHER feat and its work in narrowing the gender data gap important to you?

Montana: Women in sport have historically been underserved yet they keep pushing human possibility forward, especially in ultra-running. I’m excited to be a part of this research in partnership with the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific and lululemon’s research network to see what we can uncover. I hope that this research will not only help female athletes realise their full potential, but women across the world.


Ten trailblazing women. Six days of running. Individual and world records on the line. Kicking off on March 6 2024, FURTHER will demonstrate how far women can go when they’re supported with female-first resources and product innovations. Keen to follow Montana’s journey? Follow her on Instagram here.