Introducing Touk Miller

Professional Footballer and our newest Ambassador – meet Touk


Grounded in shared values and a passion for community impact, lululemon is proud to welcome Professional Footballer Touk Miller as the latest lululemon Ambassador.

Touk is a team player and mindful athlete, dedicated to developing and inspiring those around him to be the best version of themselves through his leadership, youth mentoring and advocacy for multiculturalism in the league. Now in his second year as Club co-captain, Touk said he values building trusted relationships and leading by example both on and off the field.

“As a leader, it’s so important to recognise that everyone has a different perspective on how they live their life or approach their football.”

“I’ve placed a big focus on understanding how to get the most out of my teammates and adjusting my leadership style to reflect this.”

Touk is coming off the back of a career-best season in 2022, earning himself AFL All Australian team selection, Gold Coast Suns Club Champion, and his maiden AFL Coaches Association Champion Player of the Year Award. Looking ahead, he is hungry for more.

"Success for me is continuing to work on myself as a footballer, leader and person,”

“My legacy will be displayed in the people and communities I’ve had an impact on.”

Keen to learn more? We spoke to Touk about the season ahead, his core values and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t playing footy.


lululemon: Who do you look up to as a leader?

Touk: I’ve taken inspiration from quite a few people for different reasons. Dave Swallow and Jarrod Harbrow are two very respected players who lead by action and are incredibly humble people. Michael Jordan because of his ruthless mentality of doing anything to win. I also draw inspiration from my mum, who has paved a path for me in the way she composes herself in any environment and continually strives for her next challenge.


lululemon: What is a goal you’re working towards in 2023?

Touk: I want to continue developing as a stronger leader both for my team and in the community. I also want to help bring the success the club deserves and play (and win) in a finals campaign for the first time in our history. Outside of footy, I’m looking forward to continuing my university studies and building a family home with my partner.


lululemon: How do you look after your mental health and wellbeing?

Touk: My wellbeing journey has been a lot of trial and error. I’ve found the practices that have stuck are activities that help declutter my mind and bring happiness to me in any given moment. For me, this has been playing golf, paddling out on my surfboard, reading, or going for a mindless stroll in nature. I’ve also come to appreciate the importance of establishing a strong routine, particularly my sleep and mental recovery.



lululemon: Which of lululemon’s values align with your own core values and why?

Touk: Personal responsibility because I believe in the importance of taking control of your actions in everyday life. And honesty, as this is the foundation for building strong relationships.


lululemon: What are your favourite lululemon products?

Touk: I honestly love all the items, from the lounge wear and active wear to the golf gear and accessories.


lululemon: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing footy?

Touk: Travelling the world, living paycheck to paycheck.


lululemon: What’s something about you we can't google?

Touk: I make an awesome sourdough loaf.


Touk joins lululemon AUNZ's growing roster of elite athlete ambassadors, including Professional Footballer Max Gawn , distance runner Jess Stenson,  tennis player Daria Saville , triathlete and disability advocate James Parr , and more.