Be Brave.

Find your power, pride and purpose


A question I am asked so often is ‘Seann, you are so confident in who you are, how did you get to this point?’. Well to me, it’s simple. By being brave.

Bonjour bonjour to my lululemon lovers - my name is Seann Miley Moore (he, she, they) and I’m here to shed some fabulous light on how I got to this point in my life. It’s been a journey let me tell you, but through all of it, I’ve learnt to feel bold in my body and brave in being me. Your Body, your rules baby! Complete ownership & unapologetic expression is what I like to call ‘The 3 P’s’ - your power, your pride, your purpose. These 3 P’s have been a game changer in my life and trust me, when you embrace them, you will feel all the strength and joy in yourself.

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As a performer, I’ve always been given permission to express myself and push my body to the extreme. Before the lights, before the glitter, the costumes and the performances, there was my sport, which is my release and arena to create strength, power and endurance on the stage. I’m an athlete when I perform as I have to feel strong and free up on the stage. But most importantly, I have to trust in myself when performing because sometimes I am thrown into the unknown until the final curtain drops. It’s a scary yet liberating feeling.

Sport provided me with an escape as a kid when I hadn’t found my place in the world. Sport gave me that strength and it was another expression that allowed me to feel pride in myself when I was still finding out who I was. Sport was my security and my safety net. The importance that sport has had in my life is astounding. It has strengthened and nurtured my body but most importantly it has strengthened my mind and soul. And through sport, I found a community. My community has challenged me to experience new things - yoga, barre, pilatest, rock climbing, running along the coast, kayaking through the harbour and Sydney dance class. Community has ignited passion in me and provided love and endless support to help me keep pushing so I can feel my pride, my power and my purpose.


By giving all of yourself in all your fabulous glory you will receive nothing but love and light. The accomplishment, the hard work - it pays off.




Pride in who I am today, the confidence and colour I breathe is because of my LGBTQ2IA+ family. My chosen family and all the KWEENS I surround myself with. It is because of their beautiful spirit, their genderless fashion expression their freedom and fight, that allows me to be me. Together, we have created a space filled with fearlessness, freedom, family and unapologetic expression where we are Proud to be who we are. Last year, I spoke on this with lululemon for Pride & Present.

To my community of KWEENS, let's keep slaying. I love our united strength! Yes, the fight still isn’t over so let's keep coming through with all the colour, the cocktails and all the campery, And to all my ally’s out there “COMEEE THRUUUUU MAMA” - your support means the world. And hey! If you don't have a community, get involved, throw yourself in and give me a call. Also when it comes to your fashion - this is just another playground to play and have fun in. Wear what makes you feel best for every occasion and wear it with pride. Feel your power, your pride and you'll have such a purpose. I know what I need in my body to feel sexy, fun, powerful and peaceful. Find your 3 P’s and you will feel fabulous and be able to fully express yourself.



My purpose is simple. Feel the joy, resonate joy and create a space for others that is joyous. Joy to the world baby & let the sun shine! Cue Sunny by Boney M. (What a tune!). 

This lightbulb moment for me really came into action when I went to the UK and booked a one way ticket to audition for arguably the biggest show in the world - Xfactor. I flew headfirst into the unknown, took a chance and sang in-front of Simon Cowell. And you know what!? I got a standing ovation! BOOM!

Singing the iconic SHOW MUST GO ON by Fabulous Freddy Mercury was and always will be a mantra for me. It gave me my purpose. But this moment wasn’t about me, it was about everyone else. I was up there in my hoops, heels, lippy and belting my titties off singing the song of all songs by the Queer icon himself, showing all the queer excellence (in a time where boy’s in dresses weren't celebrated). When I thought I didn't belong, that standing ovation showed me I did. I was on the right track. All the people that put their insecurities on me telling me how to act, how to dress, how to be - only gave me a fire in my belly to prove them wrong and to show them that I am going to do it my way & baby why not do it on the world's stage in 6 inch platforms.

This moment was all about me being brave in myself. Being bold in myself and letting my pride shine. Still to this day I get so many messages from people all over the world saying thank you ‘Seann - you give me the confidence and joy to be me’. That is my purpose - giving others, the world, the community nothing but liberation, love and joy.

Yowza! Reliving all the moments got me getting teary.


I keep pushing, challenging and loving myself, but hey, I still have my days and use an occasional filter here and there. That is the external pressures from society, people traumas, and ideas on how you should live your life. Remember, it's you that knows how to live your life not anyone else. Be Brave - your body, your rules.



Lights, Camera, Action. Let's Go.

Liberate yourself, Love yourself & let your beautiful bodies just be. Find your power and don’t hold back. Embrace your pride with your loved ones and live into your purpose - only you know what that is.

And just like that i'm signing off.

Xoxo from your Pinoy Pop
Princess Seann Miley Moore