Outdoor Workouts with lululemon
Ambassador Izaac O’Hara

One of the best ways to start a new programme or re-energise yourself from your old regime is through your environment. Utilise nature's beauty and get outside. Create your own environment. You don’t need much, no equipment, just yourself and a small space you can move around in.

These three workouts, strength, core, and cardio, are designed to help you feel stronger, fitter, toned & active. Staples that you can do a few times a week, or add onto any routine. Plus, they are only 12-15 minutes long, so get ready to bring the sweat and intensity, & the results will follow.

Good luck, go make it happen.


This workout is made to build strength and muscle for your whole body using supersets. These are two exercises one straight after the other, with no rest in between. Working each muscle group from your upper body, to your core, to your legs. Creating new muscles fibres one rep at a time.

Part 1 - Upper Body, 3 round of
Push-up x 15 reps
Back extension x 15 reps

30 second break

Part 2, Legs, 4 sets of
Squat jump x 10
Reverse lunges

30 seconds break

Part 3 - Tabata, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8 rounds
Frog squat
Bear crawl


This ripper core session will leave you feeling stronger all over. Targeting upper, lower, mid and obliques. Starting from easier exercises with higher reps to engage and burn before talking on the harder more advanced movements to strengthen within. Start off with 1-2 rounds and build into doing it 3 rounds at a time!

Part 1 - 30 reps of
Knee roll

Part 2 - 20 reps of
Toe Taps
Legs lower & lift
Plank, knee to elbow

Part 3 - 10 reps of
Hollow hold
Hollow rock


The final piece to the puzzle, a good old sweat it out to increase muscular endurance cardio session. Starting off with more of a lighter round to get muscles activated, taking you through to the second round where we will lift the heart rate and create more blood flow. Leading onto the final part where you’ll take your body to it’s limits. Do what you can for 30 seconds on each exercise before moving on to the next. Once you’ve tried this a few times see if you can go again for another round!

Part 1 - 2 rounds of 30 seconds on each exercise
Star jump
Butt kicks
Mountain climbers

30 seconds rest

Part 2 - 2 rounds of 30 seconds on each exercise
Drop squat
In & out jackknife
Jumping lunge

30 seconds rest

Part 3 - 2 rounds of 30 seconds on each exercise
Lunge back with kick
Right leg - 30 seconds
Left leg - 30 seconds

30 seconds rest

You can find more amazing workouts by Izaac O’Hara in his Make it Happen e-book, designed to help people get moving and enjoy a more active lifestyle. These HIIT sessions require zero equipment, so they can be done absolutely anywhere. 


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