At Home Pilates Workouts

As at home workouts have become more essential, there is one style of mindful movement that will always have your back (in more ways than one), Pilates!

Providing you with the perfect combination of breath work and core connection, incorporating a 10 minute daily practice will leave you feeling energised, lengthened and strong.

Outlined below are three 10-minute Pilates routines accompanied by video demonstration and explanations to help you incorporate some Pilates into your daily movement schedule.

So, if it’s a lower body burn to get those glutes firing before your morning run, some upper body work to reverse any nasty postural habits we may attain during the working day, or, you want a straight up full 30 minute Pilates workout, we have you covered!


With this movement sequences our aim is to get some movement through the thoracic spine (upper / mid back). Commonly this area lacks mobility so Pilates is a fantastic way to work on this. These exercises will encourage proud posture with a welcomed upper body burn!

4 Point Chest Openers - 10 reps
Upright kneeling rotation and press - 10 reps
Plank to press (in half plank position) - 10 reps
3 rounds (complete all 3 rounds before moving onto part 2)

Kneeling scap push up - 10 reps
Hovering shoulder taps - 10 reps
Full scap push up - 10 reps
3 rounds

Begin with spinal roll down (focusing on spinal articulation one vertebrae at a time) into:
Extended mountain climbers - 10 reps
Pike, scoop to plank - 10 reps
Push up, adding overhead extension at bottom - 10 reps
3 rounds


As we exercise it is important to focus on our core being active as a form of protection to our lower back. They don’t refer to it as ‘the powerhouse’ for no reason! So it is important to invest time on isolated core work and connect with our deep abdominal muscle (Transverse Abdominis). By doing this we are more likely to move from our ‘powerhouse’ during all types of movement. Take your time through this section and don’t forget to use your breathing to your advantage.

(Hands in triangle position supporting lower back)
Toe taps - 10 reps
Single leg extension - 10 reps
Double toe tap - 10 reps
3 rounds

Oblique curls, elbow to knee - 10 reps
Ankle taps - 10 reps
Criss Cross - 10 reps
3 rounds

The Roll Up - 10 reps
Single leg stretch - 10 reps with hands, 10 reps no hands
Oblique teaser - 10 reps each side
3 rounds


When we say “Pilates has your back” we mean it. There is no other form of movement that will target your posterior quite like Pilates, which, considerably benefits all of us. Throughout our daily lives we spend so much time in positions such as sitting that can leave your behind feeling sleepy, so, let’s wake those glutes and hamstrings up with these next Pilates burners.

Bridges on toes - 10 reps
Butterflies - 10 reps, 10 pulses
Bridges on heels - 10 reps
Marching - 10 reps, 10 pulses (each leg)
Single leg bridge - 10 reps
Single leg bridge with leg extension - 10 reps, 10 pulses
3 rounds

Elevated clams - 10 reps, 10 pulses
Clam extension - 10 reps
Inner thigh taps - 10 reps
3 rounds, then repeat on other side

Floating Bird Dog - 10 reps, 10 pulses
Oblique curl into hip extension - 10 reps, 10 pulses
Karate kicks - 10 reps, 10 pulses
3 rounds, alternating sides

FINISHER (why not?! Bit cheeky..)
1 minute wall sit
Second position plies - 20 reps, 20 pulses
Lunging knee hovers - 20 reps on each side
2 rounds


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